2005 Top Ten

2005 Top Ten

This year there are a lot of new names on my list. Surprisingly, both Autechre and Prefuse 73’s new albums were disappointing, but I discovered plenty of great underground hip-hop. Melodic electronic music made a strong come-back thanks mainly to dedicated European labels. Even though Yunx’s In the Heat of the Night didn’t make my list, a special tip goes to the track “Dis Go Funk Ur Ass”!


  1. Kettel: Through Friendly Waters (Sending Orbs)
  2. Rhythm & Sound: See Mi Yah (Burial Mix)
  3. One Be Lo: S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. (Subterraneous)
  4. Ola Bergman: The Satellite City (New Speak)
  5. Bovaflux: Where There Was Nothing (Highpoint Lowlife)
  6. Zion I: True & Livin (Live Up)
  7. Cyne: Evolution Fight (City-Centre Offices)
  8. Shadow Huntaz: Valley of the Shadow (Skam)
  9. Innerstance.Beatbox: Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling (Consumers Research and Development)
  10. The Primeridian: Da Allnighta (All Natural)

EPs & Singles

  1. Mr. Projectile: “Momentary Lapse of Sensitivity” 12″ (Semisexual)
  2. AFX: Analord 01-11 12″ series (Rephlex)
  3. Kone-R: “Knob”/”I’m Dubious” 7″ (Uncharted Audio)
  4. Noakes Pressure vs. DLF 7″ (Projector)
  5. Intricate: Dori Doreau (ON) 12″ (Spezial Material)


  1. Juan Atkins: 20 Years Metroplex (Tresor)
  2. LE:01 (London Electrics)
  3. Hazardous Materials (Consumers Research and Development)
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  1. what no quinoline yellow album..?

  2. kool shitz:-).. i miss there some more hiphop like dalek “absence”, medaphoar lp or lawless element lp.. ?

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