2004 Top Ten

2004 Top Ten

This year was a tough one. There were lots of great EPs, but fewer notable full-lengths and compilations. EP runners-up were the Jacen Solo and Claro Intelecto 12″s on Ai. Coredump and Spezial Material are labels to watch—if only they were both more prolific.


  1. Squarepusher: Ultravisitor (Warp)
  2. Björk: Medulla (Elektra)
  3. Secret Frequency Crew: Forest of the Echo Downs (Schematic)
  4. Intricate: In Pectra (Spezial Material)
  5. Automato: Automato (Coup de Grace)
  6. Thomas Brinkmann: Tokyo +1 (Max.Ernst)
  7. Savath + Savalas: Apropa’t (Warp)
  8. Yellotone: Tar File Junction (Ai)
  9. o9: Church of the Ghetto PC (Schematic)
  10. Team Shadetek: Burnerism (Warp)


  1. Shadow Huntaz: Vampire (Skam)
  2. Venetian Snares: Infolepsy (Coredump)
  3. Savath + Savalas: Mañana (Warp)
  4. Beefcake: Viande de Gateau 10″ (Delikatessen)
  5. Kettel: Cuddle and Then Leave 12″ (Dub)


  1. Station (Ai)
  2. Urban Renewal Program Supplement 1.5 (Chocolate Industries)
  3. Blu TribunL (Inflatabl Labl)
  4. Split Series 9-16 (Fat Cat)
  5. Children of Mu (Planet Mu)
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  1. Hi there Jacob.
    This is some of the stuff I’ve really liked this year. In no particular order.
    01.cursor miner. PLAYS GOD (Lo)
    02.eight frozen modules. THE ABDUCTION OF BARRY (Musork)
    03.datach’i. MMALE FFEMALE (Mu)
    04.end. THE SOUNDS OF DISASTER (Ipecac/Hymen)
    05.sickboy. SHAKE HANDS WITH A CLENCHED FIST (Tigerbeat6/Mirex)
    06.drop the lime. 12″s and 7″s (MutantSniper/Broklyn Beats, 333, etc)
    08.tom waits. REAL GONE (Anti)
    09.cadaver. NECROSIS (Candlelight)
    10.venetian snares. INFOLEPSY EP (Coredump)
    11.ed lawes. 12 TRACKS/PIECES (Mu)
    12.proem. SOCIALLY INEPT (Merck)
    13.pig destroyer. TERRIFYER (Relapse)

  2. Thanks Khosu. That’s a good list!

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