2001 Top Ten

So here it is, my Top 10 LPs of 2001. Take the actual rankings with a grain of salt, since past the top three, things got a little fuzzy.

There’s a surprising amount of Warp releases on this list. This year could be called a come-back for them, if only because they managed to release albums by all their heavy-hitters. Number one definitely belongs to Prefuse 73, whose intoxicating, chopped-up hip hop took the Chocolate Industries aesthetic to its extreme. Two surprises that necessitated a revision to my list are the City-Centre-Offices releases. Ulrich Schnauss’ Far Away Trains Passing By contains one of my favorite tracks from 2001—“Molfsee.” Kleine’s low-key tracks take a few listens, but they’re really starting to grow on me. Playing them at a loud volume helps!

  1. Prefuse 73: Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (Warp)
  2. Squarepusher: Go Plastic (Warp)
  3. Freeform: Audiotourism: Vietnam and China (Quatermass)
  4. Crunch: 1 (Musik Aus Strom)
  5. Björk: Vespertine (Elektra)
  6. Funckarma: Solid State (Dub)
  7. Ulrich Schnauss: Far Away Trains Passing By (City-Centre-Offices)
  8. Christian Kleine: Beyond Repair (City-Centre-Offices)
  9. Monolake: Cinemascope (ml/i)
  10. Autechre: Confield (Warp)

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