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Brian Eno on Warp Records

Today, Warp Records announced an upcoming album from avant-garde music pioneer Brian Eno. Details are scarce, but the flier below leads to a site where you can sign up for email updates.
Aug 2, 2010 in News

Autechre: Move of Ten

If Oversteps is Autechre’s response to recent outside influences, Move of Ten sees them turning decidedly inward.
Aug 1, 2010 in Reviews: IDM

Autechre: Oversteps

These guys don’t make music that’s half-assed.
Feb 28, 2010 in Reviews: IDM

Squarepusher: Just a Souvenir

In the realms of experimental rock and future jazz, with a touch of electronic treatment and a few very tasteful drills.
Sep 27, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Flying Lotus: Los Angeles

Somehow I missed out on the first couple of Flying Lotus releases, but Los Angeles is a whole lot of fun. This is instrumental hip-hop similar in spirit to Dilla, Dabrye, and Prefuse 73. Constant experimentation staves off any possibility of boredom.
Jun 19, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Autechre: Quaristice

Autechre's first album in nearly three years will probably take nearly that long to sink in, but my first impression is pure pleasure.
Jan 30, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Prefuse 73: Security Screenings

Prolific Prefuse 73’s latest mini-album sees him veering even further from hip-hop influences.
Feb 4, 2006 in Reviews: IDM

Jimmy Edgar: Color Strip

Egyptian Lover this man is not.
Jan 31, 2006 in Reviews: IDM

Gescom: The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used

Now available in MP3 or FLAC format.
Dec 26, 2005 in Reviews: IDM

Autechre: Untilted

Stark algorithmic programming.
May 10, 2005 in Reviews: IDM
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