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Jeff Mills: 2087

Jeff Mills’ latest album this especially productive year is inspired by the obscure 1966 sci-fi flick Cyborg 2087.
Sep 7, 2011 in Reviews: Techno

Robert Hood: Omega

Hood explores his full range, from experimental to minimal, but always in his distinctive voice.
Jun 22, 2010 in Reviews: Techno

Robert Hood: In the Spirit

A phone interview with Detroit minimal techno legend Robert Hood discussing The Omega Man, spirituality, and his first DJ gig at a reggae club.
May 10, 2010 in Features: Detroit

Arctic Hospital: Neon Veils

Arctic Hospital’s first album had a precise, cold elegance. His follow-up is more minimal than tech-house, and it suffers as a result.
Sep 3, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Robert Hood: Fabric 39

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a DJ mix. Robert Hood should need no introduction. He collaborated with Mike Banks and Jeff Mills on the first Underground Resistance and Axis releases, then founded M-Plant in 1994 to focus on minimal techno. Fourteen years later, minimalism is finally mainstream in club-land.
Mar 14, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Donnacha Costello: 6x6=36

While all of these tracks are well-produced, they don’t strike me as especially original.
Nov 17, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Anders Ilar: Nightwidth

Compiles three EPs of minimal techno bliss.
Oct 29, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Anders Ilar: Downhill EP

Watery washes, low bass, and heavy beats make for a deep, atmospheric late-night treat.
Sep 17, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Arctic Hospital: Citystream

Minimal Berlin-style techno with slow sweeps over hard beats.
Sep 2, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

John Tejada: "Eurotunnel"/"Calibration"

This is groovy minimal techno (which seems to be undergoing a revival of late).
Jun 11, 2006 in Reviews: Techno
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