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Flying Lotus: Los Angeles

Somehow I missed out on the first couple of Flying Lotus releases, but Los Angeles is a whole lot of fun. This is instrumental hip-hop similar in spirit to Dilla, Dabrye, and Prefuse 73. Constant experimentation staves off any possibility of boredom.
Jun 19, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Various: Ikude

Somehow this CD got stuck at the bottom of my to-review pile. Upon re-listening, I discovered a nice collection of understated, melodic IDM.
Nov 2, 2007 in Reviews: IDM

Supersoul: Plastic Rap

Electronic hip-hop from Miami.
Jun 29, 2007 in Reviews: IDM

Lukid: Onandon

Lukid’s beats are nicely crafted out of bits and pieces.
Mar 10, 2007 in Reviews: IDM

February Roundup

Hip-hop and IDM: DJ Cutler, Bukue One, 8yone, and Arc Lab.
Feb 28, 2007 in Reviews

Various: Everything

This compilation reveals a vibrant Midwest rap community.
Jan 3, 2007 in Reviews: Hip-Hop

Distrakt: Distraktions

Distrakt is a natural crate-digger.
Nov 30, 2006 in Reviews: Hip-Hop

Cappablack: Facades & Skeletons

My favorite tracks are instrumentals.
Nov 12, 2006 in Reviews: IDM

Fresh Air: Slowly Coming Along

Yet another hip-hop group expertly combining jazzy early nineties-style production with conscious lyrics.
Oct 8, 2006 in Reviews: Hip-Hop

Jedi Mind Tricks: Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell

Just the right mix of over-the-top violence and personal introspection.
Sep 27, 2006 in Reviews: Hip-Hop
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