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2010 Winter Singles

Brand new 12-inches from Omar-S, Disco Nihilist, and Hieroglyphic Being.
Feb 7, 2010 in Features: Singles

2009 Fall Singles

The latest from Black Jazz Consortium, Omar-S, Disco Nihilist/Daetron Vargas, and Hieroglyphic Being.
Sep 30, 2009 in Features: Singles

2008 Summer Singles

Recent releases from Oliverwho Factory, Omar-S, Thriller, and Louis Guilliaume.
Sep 7, 2008 in Features: Singles

Jason Fine: EP 01

These days in techno what’s old is new again, with scores of records echoing sounds fifteen years past. On the one hand, there’s a rebirth of dub techno. On the other, there’s a revival of the intelligent Detroit style. Think Juan Atkins at his most melodic combined with John Beltran and Terrace. (The main labels along this line are AW-Recordings, Down Low, Frantic Flowers and Millions of Moments/Styrax.)
Dec 10, 2007 in Reviews: Techno

Oasis (Omar-S/Shadow Ray): Album II

For the past couple of years, Omar-S has issued an amazing series of 12-inches on his own Detroit label, FXHE.
Mar 12, 2006 in Reviews: House