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Demdike Stare: Tryptych

A deluxe triple-CD set of Demdike Stare’s three 2010 albums plus forty minutes of previously unreleased material.
Jan 21, 2011 in Reviews: Techno

Marsen Jules: Yara Remastered

I think what he is trying to say is, there is beauty in the world.
Apr 23, 2010 in Reviews: IDM

The Black Dog: Music for Real Airports

Field recordings guide listeners on a journey from roadway to curb-side to terminal.
Apr 1, 2010 in Reviews: IDM

Marsen Jules: Lazy Sunday Funerals (remastered)

If dolphins and whales could actually listen to some tunes... this album would be on their favorites list.
Feb 27, 2010 in Reviews: IDM

Bvdub: We Were the Sun

A celestial voice calmly stretches to the horizon and gently fades away.
Oct 25, 2009 in Reviews: IDM

Brock Van Wey: White Clouds Drift On and On

Van Wey (better known as Bvdub) abandons dub techno conventions and returns to his West Coast chill-out room roots.
Jun 27, 2009 in Reviews: Dub Techno

Gas at the Chicago Cultural Center

At times I felt like I was moving through a three-dimensional sculpture.
May 27, 2009 in Features: Shows

Robert Henke: Atom/Document

On the dancefloor, he’s known as Monolake, but my favorite Robert Henke compositions were designed for art installations or performances.
Jan 22, 2009 in Reviews: Techno

Bvdub: Dreams of Red Chambers

Bvdub’s latest CD-R sees him straying farther from the dub techno mold where so many other artists seem to be stuck. These tracks are slow and ambient, but they are obviously influenced by the sound of early nineties techno.
Jun 13, 2008 in Reviews: Dub Techno

Gas: Nah und Fern

There’s no overstating Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt’s influence on electronic music. His Mike Ink and Studio 1 releases helped shape minimal techno, while his Gas project laid the groundwork for abstract dub techno. Voigt also launched Profan and is an owner of Kompakt. It’s no wonder his four out-of-print Gas albums have been fetching large sums on the second-hand market.
May 18, 2008 in Reviews: Techno
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