Tonne: Soundtoy 2 x 12 [v.1]

Bip-Hop, 2003

Soundtoy 2 x 12 [v.1] cover

Soundtoy is software Paul Farrington, aka Tonne, wrote for a college research project. This release includes the software as well as tracks created with it by Hakan Lidbo, Scanner, Si-cut.db, and Tonne himself. On “Bib Dod,” Lidbo proves Soundtoy can generate stunning minimalism, with heavily-decayed bass pulses and the occasional bleep. Scanner takes a glitchier approach, his “Guide Me by Surprise” a soft, repeating melody over background noise. Next up is “Rosalind” by Si-cut.db. Unnatural burbles of sound form rhythms while deep bass notes ground a humming drone. Tonne shows a real mastery of his software. His “Minesou” is a complex combination of stuttered and decaying noises. Whatever this software does, it produces some wonderful textures. I can’t want to hear what Bip-Hop’s roster creates with future versions.