Pole: Pole

Mute, 2003

Pole cover

This self-titled album is a welcome departure from Pole’s trio of similar-sounding numbered releases, of which CD 1 is the best example. Some of these tracks are downright funky, melding dub, hip-hop, and glitch under smooth, articulate rhymes by Fat Jon. Further demonstrating his ability to diversify, Betke teams with Thomas Haas on saxophone and August Engkilde on upright bass for a handful of tracks. Although this is an album full of collaborations, Betke’s ear for texture shines through. And his deep basslines are still capable of bringing down the house.


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This is the kind of album that I wanted to like more than I actually liked. Download or burn; there are some worthwhile tracks but it's not worth $16. I mean, he's trying to be sure, but a lot of it ends up pretty blaise.