October 2010 Releases

Noleian Reusse: Black Tekno EP
(Love What You Feel)

Love What You Feel logo

The stand-out tracks are A1 and B1. The former is downtempo and surprisingly jazzy. On the latter, an analogue bass loop and simple synth line are infiltrated by wormy 8-bit squelches.

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VHS Head: Trademark Ribbons of Gold

Trademark Ribbons of Gold cover

Trademark… picks up where Video Club left off, combining glitchy IDM with movie preview samples. Some tracks, like “Sunset Everett,” evoke eighties pop without seeming kitch. Others, like “Heartbeat in the Brain,” are downright creepy.

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Robert Owens: Art
(Compost Records)

Art cover

This album marks a much-anticipated reunion between Owens and Larry Heard. The first disc is down-tempo R&B, but the second is pure house. The results are mixed. “Be Your Own Hero” is an acid track (think “Sun Can’t Compare” with more exaggerated vocals). “Ancestral Moment” echoes Heard’s “Missing You.” Come to think of it, there’s not much here you haven’t heard before.

VA: Music from Mathematics Vol. 7
(Mathematics Recordings)

Music from Mathematics Vol. 7 label

Jamal continues to curate his series of orphaned tracks from (mainly) European producers. “Jupiter Blues” by Echo 106 is the highlight. Lush percussion and complex electronics evoke Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilation. Also featured are Vagon Brei, Gentl3men, and John Heckle.

Mathematics Recordings

Plant43: Burning Decay
(Ai Records)

Burning Decay cover

This is solid electro in the Drexciyan style. “Gravitational Collapse” is an epic instrumental with plenty of treble detail. “Tidal Locking” features wonderfully fat bass. On other tracks, vocals are occasionally buried in the mix.

Ai Records