Monolake: Momentum

ml/i, 2003

Momentum cover

On this full-length, Monolake fleshes out his last 12-inch with similar textures and rhythms. These are dark, detailed soundscapes with layers of white noise and reverb. Despite its decent beats per minute, “White__II” seems to move at a glacial pace, with echoes passing like cars in the night. It’s a hypnotic effect. “Tetris” has more swirling sounds, but the same slow crescendos and diminuendos. A burbling bassline melds with the percussion. “Excentric” marks the return of actual synth notes, softly pacing out a catchy rhythm. Beats and the spaces between them are key to Monolake’s oeuvre. Each lengthy track is an experience, an immersive journey into accumulated late nights.


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An altogether more abrasive album than Cinemascope this is. I remember someone describing this as being a little like Autechre doing minimal dub techno. Pretty accurate I reckon. Reminiscence is an absolute blinder and there are plenty of other good'uns to shake your stick at, but as far as Monolake goes Cinemascope is a more human, inhabitable place.