Soiled: Mindnumb

Elm Lodge, 2004

Mindnumb cover

This EP’s been on my “to review” list for a few months now. Although I’m often not a fan of punk/electronic cross-overs, Soiled’s approach is more sophisticated than most. On the title track, lo-fi guitar and electronic squeals march to a driving beat. A vocal sample sounds like it’s been eaten by a tape machine, then a snare-filled drum beat fades to black. “Bingo Beauty” and “A19 South” feature delicately processed layers of acoustic guitar that seem folk-influenced. “Bad Vowel Moment at WP Primary,” on the other hand, is short, simple, and quirky. Noisy electronics and dirty beats combine for a charmingly annoying little tune. “Paranoid Conclusions No. 7” is the longest track, clocking in at three-and-a-half minutes. Its scattered beats and bursts of sound make for uneasy listening. Soiled has a unique percussion-heavy take on electronic noise. With a mere seven tracks and a sixteen-minute running time, this is one of those releases that definitely leaves me wanting more.