Luke Vibert: Lover’s Acid

Planet Mu, 2005

Lover’s Acid cover

After his fabulous acid trip YosepH, Vibert is back to his old tricks. On Lover’s Acid, cheesy, loungy synths and annoying, tired samples make for a real disappointment. (He even samples “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”!) There are occasional 303 sounds here as on his last album, but unlike Yoseph the tracks seem hastily put together. Vibert can make some really nice music, but he’s terribly inconsistent. This happy, empty schlock reminds me of Stop the Panic. Some of it may be catchy, but it’s ultimately unfulfilling.



uh, it's a compilation of OLD material... with a couple of NEW songs mixed in. did you know that? gah... sometimes your reviews seem hastily put together!

Yeah, I should have mentioned it's a collection of EPs: '95-'99 from 2000, Homewerk from 2002, and the new Lover's Acid. But that's no excuse for it being superficial stuff. Someone needs to reissue Big Soup!

i agree, it's far from his best work. i also agree that Big Soup! needs reissue. it's one of my favorites.

analord & funky acid stuff are great tracks