Various: Journeys by DJ: Coldcut

Music Unites, 1996

Journeys by DJ: Coldcut cover

Journeys by DJ: Coldcut blew me away on first listen. Coldcut (Matt Black and Jonathon More) mix a variety of material with all the finesse and drama of legendary DJs like Grandmaster Flash. Coldcut pull out all stops for their “70 minutes of madness.” They weave familiar samples and breakbeats into such diverse cuts as “Fuk” by Plastikman and “Bridge is Over” by Boogie Down Productions. Jedi Knights, Mantronix, Bedouin Ascent, Gescom, Photek, and DJ Food are among the other artists represented. Towards the end of the mix, things get even more surreal as the theme from Dr. Who drops in. This is mixing as it should be—a cut- and-paste collage that builds up excitement and realizes the full potential of DJing as an art form. As far as I know, this issue of JDJ was only released in the UK, but it’s worth tracking down as an import if you live elsewhere.

Editor’s Note: This release was out of print, but has recently been reissued by Ninja Tune (May, 2002).