January Roundup

In an effort to cover a wider range of releases, I’m kicking off some blog entry-type posts. This will allow me to group shorter reviews, offering a taste of more new music. Let me know what you think.

Yard: Collab and Conquer MP3/Ogg

Collab and Conquer cover

Kahvi, 2006

This is a really sweet netlabel release. On “Clearing 137,” retro beats collide with spooky sound effects over deep bass. “Gooned” with Defpoint is somewhat AFXey. Area’s remix of “Portabello” is glitchy, textured, and low-key. (4/5)

Lackluster: Repulsine EP

Slsk, 2007

Another lovely melodic release from the prolific Esa Ruoho. The sounds are straight-forward, but the tunes can be quite intricate. (3/5)

David Newlyn: Ancient Lights CD-R

Ancient Lights cover

Boltfish, 2007

Confident, subdued IDM with just one acoustic guitar track. The album loses steam towards the end. (3/5)

Taborshell/Sektor: The Tandem Series 6 CD-R

Boltfish, 2007

Split release of lo-fi but heartfelt IDM. Taborshell’s pieces are especially beautiful, reminding me of the good old days. (4/5)

Desperate Man Blues DVD

Desperate Man Blues cover

Dust to Digital, 2006

A short, celebratory documentary about legendary 78s collector Joe Bussard and his basement full of pre-war blues, country, and jazz. He spins the most amazing tunes, the roots of all modern-day American music. (4/5)

VA: Compost 250

Compost, 2007

I got this for the Moodymann and Carl Craig mixes, which are decent. The rest of the compilation is jazzy or loungey club music, all of which seems disappointingly light-weight. (2/5)