Mutamassik: Definitive Works

Sound-Ink, 2005

Masri Mokkassar: Definitive Works cover

DJ Mutamassik specializes in Egyptian/Afro-Oriental breaks. This compilation spans eight years of production work, featuring bass-heavy beats, deft cutting and scratching, and even a few guest MCs. On “War Booty,” layers of exotic samples give way to a scratched “uh!” as Mutamassik cuts between records. The epic “Babomb” juxtaposes more traditional hip-hop beats with flute and strings. The slow-mo drum-n-bass of “M28” is equally intoxicating. On “High Alert A’Ala Teta,” helicopter and sirens introduce a lengthy DJ Shadow-esque mix of downtempo beats, vocal samples, strings, and scratches, all building to a busy climax. None of the raps here are particularly strong, and after a while these tracks tend to blend together, but the beats are unusual enough to spice up any DJ’s crate, and they make for exciting home listening as well.


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This is not about the MCs. It's more about the breaks. And you say these are awesome.