Emulsion: Blue Sky Objective

Lens, 2006

Blue Sky Objective cover

Before I begin, I should mention that Emulsion is Nathan Koch, and we’ve been friends since college; nevertheless, I believe I can review this album objectively. Nathan’s music has come a long way in just the past few years. Coming from a background of 8-bit videogames and industrial music, Emulsion surrenders to melodic electronics for his debut album.

First up on “LeftRightLeftRight,” a downtempo beat propels simple synths and videogame sound effects. It’s a slightly melancholy introduction. “King of 1998” is short but sweet, with a nice distorted beat, electric organ-like tones, and an Aphex Twin-esque tune. “Smeared Bus Window” is my favorite cut, with an understated nostalgic melody. The title track is another highlight, with a sweet eighties bassline, some answering machine samples, and a voice-like synth at the end.

Fans of the London Electrics labels ought to enjoy this album. It’s got lots of pure, NES-inspired sounds and is pretty without sounding forced. Emulsion’s previous releases have been dark and droney, but Blue Sky Objective is like a breath of fresh air. It’s sure to be well-received by the melodic electronica scene. Rumor has it listeners can look forward to some well-known remixers on an upcoming EP.