Various: Bip-Hop Generation V.6

Bip-Hop, 2002

Bip-Hop Generation V.6 cover

With volume six, Bip-Hop’s ambitious Generation cycle reaches its conclusion. Never fear, rumor has it another series may be in the works. This installment is just as good as its predecessors, with abstract compositions by six artists. Somehow each one has the space for a substantial contribution. Alejandra & Aeron open with nearly ten minutes of delicious ambience. Scanner’s “Thulium Hymn” is equally leisurely. Chopped-up voices flitter over sparse, throbbing chords. His “Darska” is more melodic, with dramatic synths rising from complex rhythms.

The entire comp. is surprisingly cohesive until Battery Operated’s odd, scattered collages and Angel’s abrasive noise track. I would have preferred a more contemplative conclusion to the series. Nonetheless, most of these tracks are nicely textured and atmospheric. The series as a whole is an excellent overview of contemporary electronic music.