Immortal Technique: “Bin Laden”

Babygrande, 2005

On this single off Immortal Technique’s upcoming album, all-star guests provide choruses between heavy political verses. The A-side remix, featuring Chuck D and KRS One, begins with Al Sharpton declaring, “You may have a momentary victory, Mr. Bush, but you don’t know who we (African Americans) are.” Then Immortal Technique kicks in with the heavy stuff: “Government front religious, but they heart is empty/like a televangelist preaching out of his Bentley./Calling abortion murder in a medical building/but don’t give a fuck about bombing Iraqi children.” On the chorus, Chuck D shouts “Bush knocked down the towers!”

The original mix with Mos Def on the chorus features different verses. Immortal Technique rails against the Patriot Act, then the Bush administration, saying, “they funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion/even though Bin Laden was a CIA tactician./They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose;/Fahrenheit 911, that’s just scratching the surface.” He continues, “And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons;/we sold them that shit after Ronald Reagan’s election!” The 12-inch hit the street July 4, with competent production by Eminem’s ex-DJ Green Lantern. It’s a welcome addition to the emerging “political hardcore” scene.



The cut has a consisntant lyrical yet more adrenalin build beat. A hardcore and raw feel gives the mix a demonangel creation. Ill track! Def cop it

immortal technique is sick
the best song is called dance with the devil its 9 min long and tells a story about a guy who rapes a girl to get into a gang and he is about to kill her and he finds out it is his mom its the most intense song i have ever heard if there is other songs like this one please email me and tell me about it

i have to say immortal technique is the illest sickest dopest crazyest rapper i heard of by that i mean he is hectic peace out WESTSIDE!
i no i look like immortal technique to you//
but i created this jenetic clone jus to speak to you//
meanin 279 planin a bomb in da building//
cuz underground shows never have women and children

immortal tech is fuckin crazy dance whit the devil cought in a hustle bin ladin you never know

Immortal technique is definitely on the top 3 Lyricists of the past 20 years. For those of you who wanna find out more about him, got to
He has 2 albums out already, called Revolutionary Vol. 1 & 2, you should pick them up if you have good taste, they're worth all 30-some dollars (for both). I hope you take my advice, and if not, the website will let you listen to some of the songs on either of the 2 Cd's ( another one coming later in the Summer) and i think you'll find something you like. Check it out.

i love this nigga he reminds me of tupac i wish tupac was still here and they do a truck together

Both him and his beats are so diverse and dirty, he spits it the way it is and that deserves props

Immortal Technique is the greatest rapper in terms of society-induced rhyming. Granted, Immortal Technique raps about few overall subjects, but he has never really claimed to be a general artist. Dance With The Devil makes you think about your actions, bin Laden makes our generation aware of the things that are truly going on in DC, Peruvian Cocaine shows the two-faced reality of our government's relations with other countries. Many do not like Tech, but many also are not intelligent enough to understand his messages. On the urban-politics levels, Immortal Technique is above Nas, JayZ, Common, Kanye, and others. Near Tupac's level at least. I have 1000+ CDs, and the two Immortal Techniques are in my Top Ten. peaCe.

My man (Slugg) hip me to Immortal Technique, and I must say, I.T. is the best (hands down) M.C. I have heard to date (including KRS-ONE). KRS-ONE held the title for a long minute, but this nigga is that good, even though he only has 2 albums (that I know of). I remember groovin' off of Kandi (LL Cool J), The Fat Boys are Back, and The Show back in High I've been here for a minute. I damn near gave up on Hip Hop (I won't lie to you), but I.T. is saying summthin' and has definitely revived my interest in Hip Hop. No disrespect, but you can have that Ying-Yang Twins, Cassidy, Luke, Luda, and all da shit that sounds like it and take it to da sto'. Most artist are cool, but it's like that talking 'bout da same SHIT! How many times can you reference 22 inch rims, booming system, big azz booty, slangin', bling-bling, etc. Dat shit is getting pretty fucken old. I.T., in my opinion, is X-Clan, Ice Cube (when he first broke loose from NWA), Public Enemy, Scareface (early in his career), and Rakim all rolled up into one man...standin' tall as FUCK!

I ain't ridin' his nuts, I'm just givin' props to somebody who deserves it. He's just dat 'here I am, in your face, this is what i'm about, if you don't like than FUCK you' type if nigga. Hip Hop needs more muthafuckas like this. That other shit is cool (for partying), but I.T. lyrics are for changing shit. Changing yo' mind first...which is where it has to start.

Mel from Los 'fucken' Angeles, CA

technique is the dopest underground mc i eva heard,he is revolutionary and fuck he gt da tytest flow no one cn match his standards,he is a damn lyricist no one cn do it better.

Tech I think,NO I know u r by far the illest emcee in not just America but the world en I just hope u can keep dropping lines even when you past 60 man

I first heard Immortal Technique from my cuz in Brooklyn and I was a fan from the first beat... Being a Palestinian-American and a Muslim makes me love this guy even more. His lyrics are filled with so much feeling. I got the most amazing feeling when I heard "Dance With The Devil", Amazing! Both CD's Revolutionary Vol. 1&2 are unmatched in their greatness. I have been turning anybody who will listen to I.T. And I will continue to do so. I suggest you buy both cd's and the newest when it drops. I am and will stay an Immortal Techniqe fan forever! Peace in the Middle East....Ha!!!

yeah there comes another hard spitting,nigga!I.T he`s the man,on the streets of Nairobi he bangs like thurnder, like the bombs that rocked Iraq,like the sun in the sahara desert,he burns all the grass
he is purest,the realest mind challenging mc...I.T fun for with the devil!

Smartest fuckin bastard ....i wanna see what he has to say when you talk to him personaly.


Immortal tech when I first heard your joint 4th branch I cried you are so deep. I love your style. I have a question are tou muslim? What is your beliefs. I practice Islam, so I'm just wondering. You are the ill keep on making this real hip hop I love how you put the truth in the form of hip hop. I got a group so halla at me. we love the whole underground style.I canteven explain your work is just brings me to tears. Everybody thins 2pac will bring you to tears wait to they get a hear immortal tech flow

disgusting flows like third world country tap water but before i hit the border, someone give me a quarter
'cause i'm a prank call, cop shot just for kicks payback for everytime that they called me a spic. SICK!!!! BEST EVER.

the bling-bling era was cute but its about to be done/
I leave you fulla clips like the moon blockin the sun//

the best opening line to any song ive ever heard.

My metaphors are dirty like herpes but harder to catch/
Like an escape tunnel in prison I started from scratch//

I mean the man is genius. The first verse of Industrial Revolution is the verse by which all other hip-hop songs should be judged. It has all the elements that, not just MC's, but all writers (authors, poets, essayists, etc..) aspire to have. Wordplay, similes, metaphors, content, the level at which he writes is equivalent to the level of all great writers of recent history, in all genres of composition.

he's ill but he aint the greatest. vol II way better than vol I and he will continue to get better

I am an ardent Hip Hop fan and i would like to commend I.T for being true to the game.Hip Hop is more than an entertanment tool,It is infact a mirror of the society.i have heard lyrics to the songs ;Dance to the devil,Hidden track,Peruvian Cocaine,Industrial Revolution and I am at liberty to declare you as one of the greatest lyricist in the game.Ilook foward to the next album ;middle passage.

man there aint no words that can explain this man. theres only certain MC's who can get you to think about the life your living, and the world you live in .2pac, and immortal technique.