Lowfish: 1000 Corrections Per Second

Suction, 2003

1000 Corrections Per Second cover

Suction Records’ co-founder Gregory De Rocher, aka Lowfish, is proud of his short equipment list—three synthesizers and one drum machine. Although his tracks have a certain charm, their retro sounds are hard to take seriously. Unlike Freescha's latest effort, which uses an ’80s aesthetic to showcase memorable melodies, Lowfish crafts bland, familiar dance tracks with his old instruments. The only exception is the sprawling, moody “Step Step” with disembodied voices over a low analogue bassline. It works well as a downtempo outro. But overall, I wish De Rocher would throw in a new concept or two, or at least break up the repetitiveness.



> their retro sounds are hard to take seriously

I'm sort of an old schooler, so take my comments with a grain of salt here, but this Lowfish record is the standout record amoung 6 gigs worth of artists like Plaid (Spokes), Global Goon, I am a Robot and Proud, Dwayne Sodaberk and Ochre (this last one being a real favorite).

Anyone into down tempo trance and IDM should check this out.

Personally I couldn't disagree more with Jacob Arnolds impression of Lowfish.I find this album to be a superb homage to eighties synth pop innovators.And what I like best is that Gregory De Rocher never belittles his influences by aping thier style,yet delivers,Soulful warm analogue style that is at one refreshing and honest.If you like b.fleischmann,solvent,khonnor,mum,or I am Robot and proud,then chances are you will also enjoy Lowfish.I only wish more IDM artists had the gift of honoring thier influences without merely mirroring their technique.Viva Lowfish!