Hieroglyphic Being Mix (retired)

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Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, created an exclusive mix for Gridface showcasing upcoming singles on Mathematics Recordings as he works toward his label’s 50th release.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded it in the four weeks it was available. The mix is now retired.


On it! Nice exclusive! Go Hieroglyphic Being! Go Gridface! Throw your hands up!

top mix jacob thanks to share this :)

nice one, gonna check this out. thank you.

True Chicago!
Thanx gridface and Jamal Moss for a great mix.

Fantastic stuff. Thanks Gridface and thanks Jamal!

Can Hieroglyphic Being do anything wrong? The Midwest summer heat is coming from Jamal's studio.

excellent mix. really into jamal moss / hieroglyphic being and mathematics recordings!

Great mix, Jamal is pushing new sounds from a solid platform. Full support.


Brilliant material. Respect.

This sounds so good; very experimental and underground sounding as you would expect from Jamal Moss/mathematics, but at the same time very accessible and funky, something I was not honestly not expecting.
This bodes very well for the future of Mathematics.

that's the SHIT!
keep em coming, jamal!

lot's of heads giving their regards here...
awesome mix jamal...keep it up!

much love!