2006 Top 10

This was the year I re-discovered techno, hence the plethora of 12-inches. I took the liberty of combining series. There are quite a few surprises on the albums list. Chosen Lords is really a collection of last year’s singles, but I can’t stop playing it. The Oasis album is very much house. Dilla’s inclusion isn’t a tribute; Donuts genuinely deserves to be in the top three. (Along similar lines, and almost making the cut, is Beatz Vol. 1 by Large Pro on Red Line. Definitely check it out.) The rest of the list should speak for itself. Links lead to full reviews where available.


  1. AFX: Chosen Lords (Rephlex)
  2. J Dilla: Donuts (Stones Throw)
  3. Oasis (Omar-S/Shadow Ray): Album II (FXHE)
  4. Congos & Friends: Fisherman Style (Blood and Fire)
  5. Urban Tribe: Approved Clinical Trials (Rephlex)
  6. Paul St. Hilaire: Adsom (False Tuned)
  7. Venetian Snares: Calvacade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms (Planet Mu)
  8. Modill: Midnight Green (EV Productions)
  9. Tanya Morgan: Moonlighting (Loud Minority)
  10. Blamstrain: Disfold (Sending Orbs)


  1. Spectral Network: Defragment Part 1-10 3x 12" (Octal)
  2. The Collectors: Trainer EP 12" (Concrete Plastic)
  3. Omar S.: Side-Trakx-Volume-#-1 12" (FXHE)
  4. Deepchord vs Octal Industries: “Arrival”/”Departure” 12" (Octal)
  5. Claro Intelecto: Warehouse Sessions Volume 1-3 3x 12" (Modern Love)
  6. Intricate: Captain Trunk 12" (Spezial Material)
  7. Isomer Transition: Shadowlands EP 12" (Future Days)
  8. Monolake: “Alaska”/”Melting” 12" (ML/I)
  9. Rhythm & Sound: SMY Remixes #4 12" (Burial Mix)
  10. Shed: Well Done My Son 12" (Soloaction)


hey Jacob, what's up?

2006 was a slow review year for me....

Things I planned to review but never did/finished:

Pleasurehorse - MARINED (ADR-059)

Slepcy - We Are The Newest Battle Models (CROCK010)

Fanny - Shoebomb Hurricane (SLR302)

Abelcain - The Garden (Zhark)

Ove-Naxx - Ove-Chan Dancehall 10"(Adaadat)

Ove-Naxx - Massive Swingin' MPC2000 10" (Hymen)

Bob Humid - Second Wind Phenomenon (Suburban Trash Industries)

Cardopusher - Hippie Killers Don't Mind Jah Conversations (Peace Off)

DJ Floorcleaer - Roger's Massive Armpits (Death$ucker)

Tom Waits also and again makes my best of list. And Slayer. ;-P

I hope I can contribute more in 07.

Good to hear from you, KT! Here's a few that might have made my list of singles if I had just gotten them a month earlier:

Deep Chord: HR-01 (Hierophant)

Substance & Vainqueur: Surface/Immersion (Scion Versions)

Tin Man: Keys Of Life Acid, Love Sex Acid (Keys of Life)

Tyrone Latrelle: My Feeling EP, Remote Drone EP (RZ)

Surgeon: Floorshow Parts 1 & 2 (Counterbalance)