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Reggie Dokes: Rain Redemptive Love EP

It is, simply put, a masterpiece. All three tracks are beautiful.
Nov 15, 2008 in Reviews: House

Kenny Larkin: Keys, Strings, Tambourines

I have no doubt I’ll be referring to this as a classic ten years from now.
Sep 14, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Andy Stott: Unknown Exception

While Stott’s first album was all over the map, this collection of recent EPs sees him honing in on a distinctive, dubby style. The bass drops are massive.
Aug 26, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Intrusion: Intrusion

Echospace’s last vinyl release was Intrusion. Steve Hitchell kindly gave me a preview of an upcoming CD version. According to Hitchell, this is deeply personal material produced in the early nineties but once thought lost. To me, “Intrusion Dub” feels like a step forward, incorporating reggae elements with short bits of horn amidst the usual techno beat and low bass rumbles.
Jul 13, 2008 in Reviews: Dub Techno

Flying Lotus: Los Angeles

Somehow I missed out on the first couple of Flying Lotus releases, but Los Angeles is a whole lot of fun. This is instrumental hip-hop similar in spirit to Dilla, Dabrye, and Prefuse 73. Constant experimentation staves off any possibility of boredom.
Jun 19, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Gas: Nah und Fern

There’s no overstating Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt’s influence on electronic music. His Mike Ink and Studio 1 releases helped shape minimal techno, while his Gas project laid the groundwork for abstract dub techno. Voigt also launched Profan and is an owner of Kompakt. It’s no wonder his four out-of-print Gas albums have been fetching large sums on the second-hand market.
May 18, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Claro Intelecto: Warehouse Sessions Vol. 1-5

The fifth and final installment of Claro Intelecto’s long-running series (which is soon to be compiled on CD) is the most modern and minimal record of the bunch.
May 15, 2008 in Reviews: Techno

Kettel: Myam James Part 1

Kettel is one of the few electronic music makers to wear his heart on his sleeve. He isn’t afraid of sweet melody, and he has the confidence to mix old and new sounds. He follows up last year’s beautiful Whisper Me Wishes with some of the warmest acid tracks I’ve ever heard.
Apr 29, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Fava Beats: Start Stop and Tap

If you like Analord and The Tuss, chances are you’ll love these two new 4-track EPs from Israel. Fava Beats is a collaboration between ±G6PD label founders Yaniv Navot and Eliad Wagner. Both CDs are outstanding.
Apr 2, 2008 in Reviews: IDM

Autechre: Quaristice

Autechre's first album in nearly three years will probably take nearly that long to sink in, but my first impression is pure pleasure.
Jan 30, 2008 in Reviews: IDM
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