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B12: Slope

B12 are back after a ten year absence.
Jun 10, 2007 in Reviews: IDM

2007 Summer Singles

Aux 88 remixes Nukubus, Marcel Dettman remixes Mr. G, plus The Plan.
Jun 7, 2007 in Features: Singles

Echospace: The Coldest Season Volume 1

A lot noisier than most Deepchord records.
May 19, 2007 in Reviews: Dub Techno

Quantec: Subsurface Structure EP

Dubby techno... enjoyable throughout.
May 11, 2007 in Reviews: Dub Techno

E.R.P.: Alsoran

Now that IDM seems to be fading away, it’s the perfect time to start over and explore the origins of the sound.
Apr 15, 2007 in Reviews: Techno

Various: Shitkatapult Empfiehlt

The one common thread? Talent!
Oct 15, 2006 in Reviews: IDM

Reynold: My Favorite Film Remixes

To promote Reynold’s upcoming downtempo album, Donato Dozzy and Stewart Walker crafted two techno mixes.
Oct 15, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Anders Ilar: Downhill EP

Watery washes, low bass, and heavy beats make for a deep, atmospheric late-night treat.
Sep 17, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Andy Stott: The Nervous EP

A wonderfully primal record.
Aug 26, 2006 in Reviews: Techno

Brothomstates vs. Blamstrain: Brothomstrain vs. Blamstates

Putting the D back in IDM.
Aug 20, 2006 in Reviews: Techno
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